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Published: 0556 GMT May 26, 2018

Trump’s withdrawal from JCPOA to further isolate US: Pakistan ex-envoy

Trump’s withdrawal from JCPOA to further isolate US: Pakistan ex-envoy

Former ambassador of Pakistan to Iran said that US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) would further isolate the US in the world.

In an interview with IRNA, Javid Husain said this deal was signed between Iran on one side and six countries, like US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China on the other side so the US cannot end this agreement unilaterally.

“Other than the US, all parties are saying that this deal must be maintained as Iran has fulfilled its obligations,” he noted.

The analyst went on to say that there is hardly anybody in the world who would support the position that President Trump or the US has taken so it would be correct to say that after this decision the US is more or less isolated in the world.

He added that the US has a history of taking unilateral actions which sometimes violate international law, provisions of the UN Charter and the biggest example is the US attack or invasion of Iraq in 2003 which was not supported by the UN Security Council resolution. “The US record speaks for itself,” said the analyst.

Javid Husain expressing his views said Iran is right now engaged in an efforts to keep the deal alive and is talking to other parties to the agreement and to ascertain that whether the benefits which it was hoping to obtain as a result of this deal will be available or not.

“Considering that other parties other than the US think that the deal should be maintained one would say that benefits which Iran was hoping to get will be available also,” he said.

The expert on international affairs added that the Europe has very good relations with the US so each side has leverage on the other side but how far Europe is prepared to go in pressurizing the US regarding the JCPOA is very uncertain.

“But what is encouraging is that those countries from Europe which signed Iran nuclear deal are in favor of maintaining the agreement and it means they would continue to fulfill their obligations under the nuclear deal,” he said.

Javid Husain said: “I don’t think we should start any other phobia rather we should act in accordance with the international law and international agreements and set an example which would lead to strengthening of peace and stability in the world.

“We don’t have to go for a policy of tit-for-tat but, but of course I don’t support rather I criticize policy of Iran phobia,” he said.

The analyst added that the important thing is that the international community must learn to adhere to international commitments or treaties under international law so that we can strengthen international peace and stability and economic progress.

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