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Published: 1013 GMT May 27, 2018

Iran Deal barometer for EU to exercise independence of action

Iran Deal barometer for EU to exercise independence of action

The Iran nuclear deal is a barometer for the European Union to measure how it can act independently in the face of the extraterritorial laws imposed by the United States, said an expert on international issues

“For the first time in the history, the Europeans faced with the extraterritorial US laws, want to demonstrate they can act independently in the new atmosphere where the US is not present”, said Bahram Amirahmadian in a recent interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Amirahmadian said that for a long time, the European Union has been after independence from Washington.

“Geographically, Europe is composed of small nations and the need for a collective defensive system has made them join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO),” he said.

But, the university professor stressed, presently the Europe Union consisted of advanced economies and the countries in the continent have managed to turn it into a block.

“They have their independent monetary and banking systems and this is very important, while for a long time they have been after establishing their own common military force but they have suspended the plan,” Amirahmadian said.

He went on to say that currently the countries are connected together through economic relations and trade ties.

“You cannot make any contrast between the volume of trade exchanges between Iran and Europe and that of the EU and the United States, and if EU's lack of obedience is going to endanger the block's economic interests, it will naturally throw its weight behind Washington,” he said.

The Iranian expert on international issues also said that the United States is trying to disseminate its domestic regulations.

“Forcing other countries into accepting the internal regulations of a third party is not legal,” Amirahmadian said.

But Europe for the first time in the present century intends to stand against such a policy, he added.

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