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Published: 0224 GMT June 02, 2018

Pompeo, like his predecessors, Israel’s puppet

Pompeo, like his predecessors, Israel’s puppet

By Omid Ghiasvand*

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the best concrete example of the phrase ‘to run before one can walk’ in the US foreign policy apparatus.

Following his appointment as the secretary of state, he made claims about Iran similar to those by some of his predecessors.
Former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), on May 21, Pompeo went to the Heritage Foundation, an American conservative public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C., outlined US new policies toward the Islamic Republic of Iran and elaborated on them and listed a number of obligations for Tehran.
Within the framework of his anti-Iran doctrine, Pompeo accused Iran of conducting nuclear activities that fail to be peaceful and, also, supporting terrorism. He also called on Iran to stop its missile defense program, respect Iraq’s sovereignty, stop supporting Yemen’s Houthis as well as Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, leave Syria and refrain from threatening its neighbors.
Since the victory of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution to date, 14 individuals have been appointed US secretary of state within the country’s democrat and republican administrations, including Cyrus Vance, Edmund Muskie, Alexander Haig, George P. Shultz, James Baker, Lawrence Eagleburger, Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Rex Tillerson and, finally, Pompeo. Controlling Iran by leveling different accusations against the country has been on the agenda of almost all of them.
Vance was the secretary of state in the administration of Jimmy Carter, who was a democrat, at the time of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. As attested by historical documents, he had done his best to change the direction of the Islamic Revolution. However, the move by Iranian university students to capture US embassy prevented Washington’s efforts from delivering results.  This move was reciprocated by Vance and his colleagues in US diplomacy apparatus after his proposed plan to declare national emergency status for Iran, which involved impounding the country’s properties and assets, was signed by Carter on November 14, 1979.
Following Vance, Muskie was appointed the head of the State Department. His diplomacy gave Iraq the greenlight to invade Iran and, thus, the eight-year Iraqi imposed war against Iran broke out.
Other US secretaries of state also adopted hostile approaches, policies and plans toward Iran to diminish Iran’s influence in the Middle East.
Although during Kerry’s tenure as secretary of state, international negotiations on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program began and concluded with the signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the 68th secretary of state in the US history never stopped accusing Iran of warmongering in the region, particularly Yemen.
Following Donald Trump’s entry to the White House as 45th US president, he appointed Rex Tillerson, a skilled business manager, to the position to make his dreams come true.
Following his appointment to the post, Tillerson recklessly said the the Trump administration supports plots hatched and conspiracies organized inside Iran aimed at “peaceful transition of government”.
He also claimed that Iran plays a destabilizing role in the region and said Washington’s policy is focused on countering Iran’s “hegemony”.
All these indicate that there is nothing new in Pompeo’s remarks. They are simply a reiteration of the remarks made about and accusations leveled against Iran by his predecessors.
All anti-Iran claims and efforts made by Pompeo and his predecessors are mainly aimed at: 1. Reducing Iran’s regional influence; and 2. Curbing the country’s peaceful nuclear activities. Ironically, as acknowledged by Yossi Melman – an Israeli writer and journalist, these two objectives are the main aspirations of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The officials of the Zionist regime have always sought to convince US secretaries of state to cooperate with them in the fulfilment of these two unachievable wishes.
Tel Aviv has been playing this deceitful game for the past 40 years using US secretaries of state as its puppets. Pompeo will not be the last puppet controlled by Israel. Nevertheless, if he takes a look at the fate of his predecessors, he will realize that their plots and efforts against Iran have failed to yield results, whereas, the Islamic Republic is still standing gloriously and proudly.
* Omid Ghiasvand is an Iranian journalist.


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