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Published: 1255 GMT June 09, 2018

Trump’s unwise policies causing US collapse

Trump’s unwise policies causing US collapse

By Afsaneh Reshad*

Signs of US decline were emerging even before Donald Trump took office. Meanwhile, his election as America’s 45th president can be considered a turning point in the collapse and isolation of the United States on the international stage.

While most experts speculated that the US would be the only superpower after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, informed experts could see signs of US isolation and its collapse.

The US sought to depict itself as the leader of the New World Order after it attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. Nonetheless, this was only an attempt to prevent the collapse of the US, which backfired and worsened America’s economic crisis. Barack Obama’s multilateralism approach shed light on the fact that the US had seen a substantial erosion in its global clout. The Obama administration faced up to the reality that the US is not the only superpower in the world, rather a declining power which had to deal with emerging powers like China.

Trump’s presidency is considered to be the climax of the collapse of the US, which also speeds up its isolation. The Republican billionaire has alienated Washington’s close allies by revealing the real nature of the US. Trump’s decision to quit the Paris climate agreement pit the US against other countries.

The move was so malicious that some US Senators and members of the House of Representatives condemned it.

Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal accelerates the process of the US collapse and isolation. He accuses Iran of violating its commitments under the agreement while the IAEA and the EU have time and again confirmed that Tehran has complied with its obligations.

A large number of Democrats and some Republicans refused to side with Trump over his policy against the Iran nuclear accord which widened a gap within the US and eroded the country’s credibility.

The relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Al-Quds could be interpreted as a move which destroyed America’s credibility. This is because it runs counter to international principles and pacts as well as UN resolutions.

Trump’s violation of international law was so obvious that the world refused to support his move.

Now it seems that Trump’s policies have further isolated the US and dealt the last blows to its credibility which had already been declining.

Washington is also losing its European allies. In the past, the US was leading a campaign to deal with climate change but China has now replaced it.

Besides, Russia is leading Syria peace talks, which were once led by the US. Moscow has invited American officials to take part in the talks only as observers.

France and Germany have also slammed Trump’s approach over his weak support for NATO.

Likewise, the US was once regarded as a mediator in negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis. But his decision to recognize Al-Quds as Israel’s capital and relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city are the latest signs of America’s isolation. This decision has shattered decades-long plans over the settlement of the Palestinian issue.

Furthermore, Muslims attach considerable importance to Al-Quds. The holy city is where cultures and religions converge. The Islamic world has stood against Trump’s illegal decision to declare Al-Quds as Israel’s capital because it has realized that peace would not be restored to the region unless all Palestinian refugees were able to return to their ancestral land, with Eastern Al-Quds recognized as Palestine’s capital.

Many world leaders, diplomats and foreign policy experts believe that Trump’s measures have diminished US influence. 

Presently, while the US is on the verge of collapse, China and Russia are filling a power vacuum that has been created by Trump.

*Afsaneh Reshad is a lecturer at Islamic Azad University.


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