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Published: 0438 GMT June 10, 2018

How to sleep: Three natural ways to get good night’s rest and feel refreshed

How to sleep: Three natural ways to get good night’s rest and feel refreshed

How to sleep becomes a question we all ask when it turns 2:00am and we still can’t shut off. Was it something I ate? Is it the environment around me? These are three simple tips to help you nod off naturally, according to a clinical nutritionist.

Sleeping is something we all need to do to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, reported.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) recommends that we get between seven to nine hours every night.

Getting too concerned about the amount of sleep you have, however, could lead to insomnia, a condition where people have trouble sleeping.

Ways to get more shut-eye include changing the environment around you and ensuring you de-stress before bed.

Dr. Josh Axe, a clinical nutritionist based in the US, recommends these three natural methods of falling asleep:


Eat the right food before bed


He said, “It’s a well-known fact that having a heavy meal just before bed can cause you to have a poor night of rest, but did you know that there are some foods that can help you sleep better?.

“You can obtain tryptophan and serotonin [which help you sleep] from carbohydrates, particularly wholegrain oats, brown rice, corn and quinoa.”

He mentions a French study on elite soccer players, which looked for ways to help them sleep.

It says that drinks such as milk and cherry juice may be able to help you sleep.

The study adds that the potential detrimental effects of sleep medication must be recognized.


Have some calcium


Getting a good amount of calcium before bed could also help you sleep.

“Researchers indicate that calcium is important [for sleep] because it helps the cells in the brain use the tryptophan to create melatonin — a sleep aid”, he said, referencing research from the European Neurology Journal.


Magnesium consumption


Axe said, “If you’re having trouble sleeping, it could be due to a magnesium deficiency.

“Studies have shown that higher magnesium levels can help induce a deeper sleep.

“Magnesium can actually provide better, more consistent sleep since it is a calming nutrient.”

To get more magnesium, he recommended crackers with almond butter or half a banana with a few almonds.

Other ways to get more sleep include taking a hot bath before bed, according to sleep expert Carole Speirs.

She said: “A warm bath can help you ease the day’s stress ahead of bed time, and the heat held your body prepare for sleep and relax bath your muscles and mind.

“But try to leave sometime between getting out of the bath and going to bed.”

Carole also said if you’re lying awake and feeling the hours slip away, turn the clock away or move it to a different room completely (so long as you can hear your alarm).

She added: “Seeing time move on will increase your anxiety about sleeplessness — that will keep you awake longer.”


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