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Published: 1016 GMT June 27, 2018

Specialist: Tehran’s noise pollution exceeds permissible levels

Specialist: Tehran’s noise pollution exceeds permissible levels
Head of Iranian Association of Audiology Ali Qahramani (L) talking to Iran Daily reporter.

By Sadeq Dehqan & Zahra A’rabi The level of noise pollution exceeds permissible levels in Tehran, said the head of Iranian Association of Audiology.

Ali Qahramani urged Tehran residents to take particular care of their ears and hearing.

Based on Tehran Municipality reports and monitoring of noise pollution in the capital, the sound level is normally between 80db and 81b which is harmful for the ears and hearing health.

He said there are various standards for the level of noise in diverse residential and built-up areas. However, the usual permissible level for cities is between 65db to 70db, he pointed out.

Qahramani further said: “You shouldn’t remain more than eight hours in an area with noise pollution ranging from 80db to 85db. And if you did, your ears need to have rest in a noise-free area.”

He continued that for every 5b added to this level of noise, the time of one’s presence should be reduced by half. For example, in a place with 90db noise, a person shouldn’t stay more than four hours, he said.

On paying more attention to hearing health by residents, he added that currently, there are many applications that can be installed on cell phones to measure the amount of noise pollution.

So if the pollution is more than the standard level, it’s better to leave that area, he said.

“You’d better wear ear protector in noisy places. And do something to reduce the amount of sounds entering your ears, protecting them from harmful effects and avoid using hearing aid as a result,” Qahramani advised.

Pointing to the need for observing hearing health issues in construction operations and urban designs, he said, “Keeping your distance from source of sound for about one meter can help reduce the amount of noise you hear,” he added.

However, there is not an acceptable distance between pavements and streets in most of residential areas, he said. On the other hand, urban passages are not wide enough, exposing pedestrians to more amount of noises from vehicles, he added.

Qahramani mentioned wrong habits such as using ear cleaners that can be harmful for hearing. “You shouldn’t use them for drying or cleaning your ears since inserting anything into the ear canal can lead to hearing damage”, he said.

He further said that ear wax is a kind of defense mechanism which should remain inside ears, adding insistence for removing it can lead to hearing problems.

He cited the constant use of hands-free as another wrong habit that can cause some irreparable harm to hearing.

Therefore the time of using hands-free should be limited and there is need to give ears a rest after use, Qahramani added.

Furthermore, using hands-free should be such that the external sounds are not heard, he said. Otherwise, the person has to increase the volume, which leads to hearing damage, he added.

On Iran’s high audiology position in the region, he said that currently cochlear implant is a common surgery in the country while it’s not available in other neighboring nations.

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