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Published: 0325 GMT July 30, 2018

Jahangiri: Iran's unfavorable economic condition not permanent

Jahangiri: Iran's unfavorable economic condition not permanent

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The new unfavorable condition facing domestic economy is not permanent, said Iran's first vice president.

"In case we manage this situation well and help the country overcome this stage [successfully], the [domestic] economy will stabilize," said Es'haq Jahangiri on Monday, IRNA reported.

He added that the new situation requires the Iranian government to protect the lives and welfare of each and every member of the Iranian society and prevent the people's livelihood, particularly that of the vulnerable strata, to be affected adversely and harmed.

Jahangiri said the government's priority is to protect the lives and welfare of the people, particularly those of the vulnerable social strata, against the sanctions, adding the people's needs to staple goods, such as drugs, are required to be met using foreign currency offered at official rate.

He added these goods should be available in abundance to the people.

The US intends to impact Iranians' public opinion to, by destroying people's hope and trust in future, achieve its political objectives and implement its sanction plans in Iran.

The situation facing us is a short-term one, he underlined, adding by helping the country pass this stage the domestic economy will stabilize and the country's economic indices will become positive again.


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