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Published: 0243 GMT August 07, 2018

Russia challenges US over reintroduction of sanctions on Iran

Russia challenges US over reintroduction of sanctions on Iran

Russia challenged the US over its reintroduction of unilateral sanctions against Tehran, saying it will seek to work with other countries to preserve and expand economic exchanges with Iran.

"We are taking appropriate measures on a national level to protect [our] trade and economic cooperation with Iran. We also continue to develop on joint solutions together with other participants of the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] aimed at the preservation and expansion of international trade and financial cooperation with Iran," the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday, reported.

"We believe that this work is in line with the interests of the international community," it added.

The statement came as new US sanctions took effect which bar Iran from using US dollars, ban it from buying Western aircraft and prohibit trade with Iran in automobiles and some metals and minerals. US President Donald Trump renewed his warning that the measures will be applied beyond the US' own companies.

Russia, itself the target of extensive and still broadening US sanctions, has long fiercely criticized Washington for trying to apply some of its laws beyond its own borders via extraterritorial sanctions.

Since the Trump administration abandoned the Iran nuclear deal, the Russian government has said it hopes to work with other parties, in particular in Europe, to salvage the agreement. But Russian officials have expressed skepticism on whether EU member countries would be able and willing to come up with strong enough steps to allow their companies to continue working with Iran and risking US sanctions.

Moscow on Tuesday accused the US of trying to disrupt the Iran deal after its unilateral exit from it. "That is a glaring example of Washington's continued practice of violating UNSC resolution 2231 and its trampling on international law," the Foreign Ministry said.

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