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Published: 0247 GMT August 13, 2018

The last racist

The last racist

By Hossein Ziaee*

Political analysts could hardly have imagined that “the last racist” would rear its head from the US rather than Europe, and that Donald Trump, as a national threat, would divide the German society into two parts and pit them against each other.

As the US is approaching congressional elections in November, political tensions are increasing not only in Europe but across the world.

This is because the results of these elections will have an enormous impact on Trump’s clout.

In other words, all political hubs have linked their crucial decisions to the US congressional elections. They want to adopt new policies towards the US because the lineup of the next Congress could challenge Trump’s authority.

The significance of this “political battle” is that Trump has been able to mobilize support among Americans through his “America First” and supremacist policies, although polls indicate that he is unpopular.

Trump’s racist approach has posed major threats to the US, European countries and other nations.

Presently, Trump seeks to take control of both the US Congress and the European Parliament.

Stephen Bannon, one of Trump’s senior advisors, has traveled to countries across Europe to prepare racist parties to take control of the European Parliament in the 2019 elections.

German politician Michael Root described Trump’s policies and Bannon’s presence in Europe as the biggest threat to the European Union and the European Parliament.

Other German lawmakers have slammed Bannon’s mission as an unprecedented action against Germany’s values by the US.

Now all eyes are on the November elections to see whether the US will stand by or stand against the international world order.

*Hossein Ziaee is an Iranian journalist based in Germany.


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