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Published: 0431 GMT August 18, 2018

Western media refuses to blame US for Yemen war: Analyst

Western media refuses to blame US for Yemen war: Analyst

The Western media refuses to blame the United States for the current crisis in Yemen, adding that this is why the reality on the ground has not been exposed, says an analyst.

“The problem is that they have been really fairly co-opting this process of really refusing to accept that the United States is behind the destabilization of the region generally; so on the one hand they are crying about the victims in Yemen and on the other hand they are saying it has something to do with the Saudis and it’s nothing to do with them. So it is really a contradiction that has become very intense at the moment,” Tim Anderson, senior lecturer at University of Sydney told Press TV in an interview on Saturday, Presstv reported.

“It’s only been certain media that have kept the focus on this terrible war, thankfully there are some media that are doing that, but really there is vulnerability on this issue because they are in such a tenuous position in terms of their position but it really needs intense focus to arouse people’s conscience about what is being going on in Yemen,” he added.  

Munitions experts have confirmed that a bomb used by Saudi Arabia in last week's attack on a school bus in Yemen that killed dozens of children had been supplied by the US.

The Saudi air raid on Sa’ada hit a school bus on August 9 as it drove through a market in the town of Dhahyan, sparking outrage from international human rights groups and UN officials.

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