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Published: 1108 GMT September 09, 2018

Official: Iran Police’s social workers, counselors inspect 400,000 social files annually

Official: Iran Police’s social workers, counselors inspect 400,000 social files annually

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Social workers and counselors of Iran’s Police annually go through 400,000 files pertaining to social harms, such as suicide, in some 44 centers, said the director general of Social Work and Counseling of the Islamic Republic of Iran Police.

The centers’ social workers and counselors also provide free services, Alireza Hamidifar added on Sunday in an address to the Second National Conference on Suicide Prevention, IRNA reported.

He said 10, out of the total number of such centers, are located in the Iranian capital of Tehran and the rest in the provinces.

In addition, there are social work centers in 630 police stations across the country in which social workers and counselors work on family disputes among couples and children, Hamidifar noted, describing achievements in this field as remarkable.

The centers aim to raise the society’s level of social and individual awareness, he said, adding psychologists help Iran’s Police forces to instill public discipline, bring social order and carry out their duties.

As members of the country’s police, they also contribute to the prevention of social ills, Hamidifar said.

He listed suicide the causes as poverty, divorce, failed marriage, differences and disputes between couples and depression, adding these are also among the reasons for certain individuals harming other people around them.

“The rate of suicide commitment in women is three times higher than that in men.”

He noted that factors impacting the prevalence of suicide attempts fall into three categories of age, religion and gender.

“The important indices seen in people prior to committing suicide are depression, deterioration of personal relationships with intimate friends, social isolation, a history of suicidal attempts in family, addiction to alcohol and drugs, poverty, deprivation and aggressive behavior.”

He said normally those with, among other things, vindictive motives and despairful emotions attempt suicide.

Hamidifar added among the other causes of attempting suicide are the need to attract attention, gain fame, punish others and escape from the problems of social and individual life.

Poor economic condition is another factor leading to suicidal ideation.




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