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Published: 0125 GMT September 09, 2018

Dutch, Iranian artifacts on display in both countries

Dutch, Iranian artifacts on display in both countries

The Hague is hosting a total number of 100 Iranian handicrafts in an exhibition titled ‘Splendor and Bliss, Arts of the Islamic World’ in the Municipal Museum The Hague, The Netherlands.

   The display opened with Iran’s Ambassador to the Netherlands Alireza Jahangiri, The Hague’s Mayor Pauline Krikke and several artistic, cultural and diplomatic figures in attendance and will be underway for three months, IRNA reported.

Civilizational countries including Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Morocco put over 300 Islamic artifacts on display in the Dutch museum out of which the most number belongs to invaluable Iranian handicrafts, carpets, potteries, calligraphies and the like.

According to the museum’s official website, ‘Splendor and Bliss’ brings together many highlights of Islamic art. The exhibition, full of splendor and majesty, will focus on the ornamental character of Islamic art and on stories of culture, tradition and craft.

Much of the art from the Islamic world features highly detailed ornamentation. The rich decorations have a religious character, reminding the faithful of all the wonderful things that await them in the afterlife. It will unravel the unique, positive Islamic symbolism while considering how the objects were used and made. The exhibition will thus be an ode to craftsmanship. Ancient techniques like glass blowing, wood carving, calligraphy and rug making reveal stories of culture, tradition and patronage, and the role of Islamic culture in the world.

In addition, 196 Iranian antiques from National Museum of Iran is currently being showcased at ‘Cradle of Civilization’ in Drents Museum, city of Assen, the Netherlands. The art event began on June 17 and is scheduled to run through November 18.



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