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Published: 0326 GMT September 10, 2018

Boroujerdi: Culture most important diplomacy

Boroujerdi: Culture most important diplomacy

Culture could be the most important diplomacy to be utilized by world countries, said the head of National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI).

Ashraf Boroujerdi further said in a meeting with Danish Ambassador to Iran Dany Annan that NLAI is a combination of the National Library and the Document Center, and these two were merged in 2003.

"One of the missions defined for the organization is to safeguard Iranian national memory. So we seek to gather Iran's documents and references as much as we can, and put it at the disposal of thinkers and researchers. Various exhibitions are organized in keeping with this objective."

She stated, "Another mission of the organization is to produce science. Therefore, the National Library and Archives Organization is a central forum for the exchange of scholars."

The recognition of the culture of other countries could be a great opportunity for the clients of the organization, she said underlining that people come to NLAI for the launching rooms belonging to different countries, IRNA wrote.

Boroujerdi stated that culture can be the most important diplomacy for countries and play a role in exchanges between countries. Culture, she said, provides a good opportunity for dialogue.

Annan said given the explanations provided, opportunities for cooperation have become more prominent. "In the past years, I have had presence in five countries, but I did not see any country like Iran that cares about literature and history, and today this became clearer with your description."

Danish ambassador to Iran added, "The Iranians have an honorable legacy, and it is worthwhile to preserve it."


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