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Published: 0356 GMT September 14, 2018

MP: Turkey-Iran relations at acceptable level

MP: Turkey-Iran relations at acceptable level

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Turkey-Iran relations are at an acceptable level, though they are required to be reviewed and improved, said the deputy speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Mustafa Şentop made the remark in a meeting between an Iranian delegation, headed by Nour Mohammad Torbatinejad, and Turkish parliamentary delegation on the sidelines of the second World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development (WPFSD) held in Bali, Indonesia, on September 12-13, IRNA reported. 

Parliamentary delegations from 47 countries attended the two-day forum. This year’s WPFSD meeting carried the theme ‘Partnership towards Sustainable Energies for All’.

Commenting on the recent trilateral meeting held in Tehran between Turkish, Iranian and Russian presidents on Syria’s developments, Şentop added such conventions help improve security in the region.  

Condemning the presence of certain world powers in the region, he said insecurity is the only consequence of their presence.

Şentop noted that this insecurity started from Iraq and has now reached Syria, adding, these superpowers definitely do not have any intention of exiting the region as safeguarding their interests requires them to deepen the insecurities.

He stressed that the presence of superpowers in the region does not create problems for one or two states, but has adverse impacts on neighboring countries as well.

An example of this insecurity is the entering of four million Syrian and Iraqi refugees to Turkey, Şentop said, adding these abnormal migrations disturb the balance of the region and its countries.

Regional countries must work together to establish peace and ensure stability while respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their neighbors, he noted.

Speaking at the same meeting, Torbatinejad said Iran and Turkey share many commonalities in various fields, pointing to the long history of ties between the two nations.

One of the ways to improve the level of business relations is to ditch the dollar in trade between Iran and Turkey, he stressed.

“If this policy is implemented, Iran and Turkey can expand their business relations more easily.”

Describing terrorism as a deterrent to the sustainable development of the region and the countries within it, he highlighted that the cooperation of Iran and Turkey in the fight against terrorism, especially in Syria, has shown that the two countries can handle regional issues.




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