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Published: 1040 GMT October 12, 2018

Anzali Lagoon, a wonderful trip to the heart of nature

Anzali Lagoon, a wonderful trip to the heart of nature

A visit to Anzali Lagoon is one of the most beautiful and unique trips to the north of Iran. A lagoon with its Indian lotuses, reed beds and extraordinary islands spread in an area of 20,000 hectares near Anzali city which is locates to the southwest of Caspian Sea. The connection between shipping port of Anzali and the lagoon has made it even more popular.

Being one of the international lagoons of Iran, Anzali Lagoon was registered as an international wetland in Ramsar Convention, 1971, wrote.

In the middle of the lagoon, an island appears which seems to belong to a timeless era. An endless green plain occupied by horses, cows and birds without any sign of humans, reminds one of the pure beauty and peacefulness of paradise and makes one feel as if he/she is in another planet.

One of the most popular plants of Anzali Lagoon is wetland’s tulip, which often blossoms at the end of May and the beginning of June, creating a breathtaking sight for any tourist.

Richness of biodiversity in this region is so variable that makes any researcher eager to visit the lagoon to observe and study local and migratory birds.

A widespread cover of reed bed shapes the vegetation — almost 75 percent of flora in eastern and central part of the lagoon. Indian lotus covers the water surface, and quick growth of floating plants such as white lotus can be seen.

Golden Jackal, Eurasian otter, jungle cat and badger are the main mammals seen here. Anzali Lagoon is home to various reptiles and amphibians such as Natrix, Caspian turtle, European pond turtle, Iranian longed-leg wood frog and Green Tree Frog. Recent researches claim that almost 49 various types of fish exist there. Additionally, the lagoon is habitat for a vast range of insects.

A vast number of breeding birds, migratory and winter birds visit this place every year. During 2012, almost 186 different bird species was observed in this area. Recently white-tailed eagles have been seen to breed on trees. A huge number of winter birds, almost 80,000 ducks, swans and rook spend their cold days in this beautiful and moderate site every winter.

The number of Dalmatian Pelican increased to 1,200 during 2009.


Anzali Lagoon climate


Not too far from the Caspian Sea, summers in Anzali Lagoon is hot and humid and the winters is moderate, minimum temperature drops to 0ᵒC.

It is better to go to recognized ports of Anzali city which are under supervision of the union to take a trip to the lagoon, although the area is quite vast. Beware of the signs in the city, and do not pay attention to unknown people offering you to take you there. There are other natural local attractions around the city, but due to its marshy nature it is not recommended to visit such places, unless you are companied by an experienced guide.

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