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Published: 0504 GMT October 20, 2018

Minor earthquakes reported near UK fracking site

Minor earthquakes reported near UK fracking site

Minor earthquakes have been reported near a fracking (hydraulic fracturing) operation site in northwest England where people continue protesting against the environmental damage of the controversial gas-extraction operation.

The British Geological Survey said Saturday that it had detected four tremors near Preston New Road, near Balckpool, in Lancashire, where a major fracking operation began this week despite protests and vigils held against the move, Presstv Reported.

Cuadrilla, an energy company focused on shale gas, began drilling at the site after Britain’s high court dismissed a move meant to halt the fracking operation. The company began the operation despite seismology reports indicating that an initial drilling at the site in 2011 had caused two earthquakes, one reaching 2.3 on the Richter scale, in the area.

Environmental activists have repeatedly warned against the dire consequences of fracking, which is the extraction of oil and gas under immense pressure. The operation is believed to have caused serious damage in the United States, where it has increased rapidly in recent years, including an increased risk of earthquakes and contamination of water resources.

There has been evidences of a rise in the earthquake risk in Oklahoma, in the US, and in Alberta, Canada, where fracking goes on despite public anger.

The British government has defended fracking as a method of meeting rising energy demands. However, scientists have slammed the move, saying London is imitating the administration of US president Donald Trump in disrespecting climate change warnings.

The British government has even moved to crackdown on the anti-fracking voices. Last month, a court handed down hefty jail sentences to three activists who had attempted to stop vehicles transporting Cuadrilla’s equipment to Preston New Road. However, an appeal court quashed the sentences and said they were inappropriate.

People continue to camp outside the fracking site, saying they will continue to protest until the operation is fully stopped.



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