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Published: 0404 GMT November 02, 2018

Jask oil terminal, pipeline project under development

Jask oil terminal, pipeline project under development

Jask oil terminal and pipeline project is being developed along the Sea of Oman, near Jask port in the southern province of Hormuzgan, with total investments estimated at more than $2 billion.

According to a report by, the project includes construction of an oil terminal and crude oil pipeline named Goureh-Jask.

It is being developed by the Iran's Oil Ministry as part of Jask port development project to deliver crude oil from Goureh, Bushehr, to southern Iran.

National Iranian Oil Company's (NIOC) subsidiary Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC), along with domestic firm Petro Omid Asia and Omid Investment Management Group, will develop the project on the basis of 18-year build-operate-transfer (BOT) over the next three years.

The project is expected to be completed by 2021and the ownership of the facility will be transferred to the NIOC after the 18-year period.

Crude oil storage tanks for Jask oil terminal are being constructed with an initial investment of €200 million ($228.3 million), while the Goureh-Jask crude oil pipeline is being developed with an investment of 45 trillion rials ($1.07 billion approximately).



Jask terminal

The terminal will be developed in an area of 5,000 acres of coastal land owned by NIOC, located 65km west of Jask near Mobarak Mount. It will include 20 floating roof metal storage tanks with a capacity of 500,000 barrels each.

Crude oil storage tanks are being constructed with storage capacities of ten million barrels in the first phase. Future expansions are planned to increase the terminal storage capacity to more than 30 million barrels.

The terminal will also include loading and unloading wharves, offshore facilities including three single-point mooring (SPM), and other infrastructure for import/export oil.

Terminal construction costs are planned to be met by leasing the storage tanks.



Goureh-Jask oil pipeline

Goureh-Jask crude oil pipeline will be 1,100km-long and have a diameter of 46 inches. It will be laid from Goureh oil terminal in the northwest Bushehr Province to Mobarak Mount in the western Jask region along the Sea of Oman.

It will have a transfer capacity of one million barrels a day of light, heavy and ultra-heavy crude oil.

Crude oil will be transferred from West Karoun to tanks for further storage and exports. The project also comprises the development of five pumping facilities.

The pipeline will be divided into four sections for the purpose of construction, with each section having a separate engineering, procurement and construction contractor.



Benefits of Jask terminal, pipeline project

Construction of Jask oil terminal will cut the distance traversed by tankers. Since ships can dock at Jask without entering Persian Gulf, the terminal is set to become the center of Iran's oil and gas imports/exports.




The project will be developed with financial assistance from Russia. Iranian firm Zalvand Company is the co-investor in the project, along with Russian company RAO Rosneftegazstroy and Germany-based engineering services company Marcon Ingenieurgesellschaft.

Russian financial services company Sberbank will be the financial consultant and potential creditor for the project based on supply and services along with Vnesheconombank.




RAO Rosneftegazstroy and Marcon are responsible for engineering, project management and equipment supply for the project, while Netherlands-based Archirodon Group will be responsible for the construction of coastal and sea facilities.

Soroush Energy Company is the consultant for the Goureh-Jask crude oil pipeline, while Iranian Oil Terminals Company is responsible for the design and execution of the terminal project.

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