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Published: 0506 GMT November 05, 2018

Trump admin. preparing for shake-up after midterms

Trump admin. preparing for shake-up after midterms

The administration of US President Donald Trump is preparing for a major shake-up in the weeks following the November 6 midterm congressional elections, a new report has revealed.

The expected exodus will see embattled members of Trump’s cabinet who have fallen out of favor with the president, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions, get the axe, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Additionally, officials like Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, whose relationship with Trump is too strained, will leave their positions in a more amicable fashion, Presstv Reported.

There are also officials who are seeking to get promoted and play a more active role in Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign while some others would seek lucrative jobs in the private sector.

The changes are expected to bring even more uncertainty to the Trump White House, which is already facing a crisis filling hundreds of positions in and out of the US due to strong opposition in Congress.

This issue is expected to only get worse after the Tuesday vote, given that Democrats are projected to win the House of Representatives and give the president even more headache.

Trump’s allies have downplayed the prospects of a shake-up, saying a turnover at the two-year mark is normal in any administration. They also say that any departures would give the president a chance to reshape the White House more fully in his own image.

“I don’t think he likes people leaving him,” said Marc Short, the former White House director of legislative affairs. But, he added, the change “does provide the president with an opportunity to reset. When he came in during the transition, Washington was new to him. I think he has a better idea of the talent he wants around him.”

The former official said Trump functioned “as his own chief of staff in a lot ways” and welcomed the chance to bring in a new crop of aides more aligned with his vision. 

“He may not even know what all those people do,” Short said, referring to some members of the current staff.



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