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Published: 0335 GMT November 12, 2018

IAEA report: Iran honoring nuclear deal

IAEA report: Iran honoring nuclear deal

Iran has continued to implement the main nuclear restrictions set by its 2015 deal with major powers, a quarterly UN watchdog report showed, though several items were verified shortly before reimposed US sanctions took effect.

Iran has kept its stock of low-enriched uranium as well as the level to which it enriches uranium within the limits set by the landmark deal, according to the confidential International Atomic Energy Agency report to IAEA member states, obtained by Reuters on Monday.

The stock of Iran’s low-enriched uranium was verified on Nov. 4, the day before the latest round of US sanctions against Tehran came into force following Washington’s withdrawal from the nuclear accord. Iran’s stock of heavy water, another material limited under the deal that was also within the cap set, was verified on Nov. 3, the report showed.

The issue has grown more complicated since the US withdrew unilaterally in May from the deal and then reimposed sanctions.

The other signatories to the deal – Germany, Britain, France, Russia and China – are continuing to try and make it work.


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