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Published: 0557 GMT November 16, 2018

UK PM May in difficult position over Brexit deal: Analyst

UK PM May in difficult position over Brexit deal: Analyst

British Prime Minister Theresa May is in a very difficult position over the Brexit deal, says an analyst, adding that the United Kingdom needs the European Union’s economy in order to "survive."

“I think that it is probably a good thing for Britain to have some independence from European Union but economically I believe it is going to [hurt] them and it is not easy to transition especially in business from a 40 year relationship into starting all over. So she is in a very tough position,” Alex Powers, with Veterans Today, told Press TV in an interview on Friday, Presstv Reported.

“Like I said 50 percent of the population wanted to exit, 48 percent didn’t want to exit so still there is a large percentage of people that didn’t want to leave … So for her it is very complicated … But like I said for Britain, they probably should have some sort of compromise because they do need the EU economy to survive. The British economy is not as strong as it used to be, they don’t have that empire anymore,” he added.

A draft Brexit deal was agreed on Tuesday between London and Brussels after a year and a half of negotiations aimed at unwinding nearly 46 years of British membership in the EU.

The deal would pave the way for extension of the transition to an unspecified date.

EU President Donald Tusk has said that Brussels is prepared for Britain to cancel Brexit, describing the deal as a “lose-lose” situation both for the UK and the EU bloc. 



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