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Published: 0345 GMT November 17, 2018

EU, Russia and China must compensate Iran for US deal departure, ambassador says

EU, Russia and China must compensate Iran for US deal departure, ambassador says

The European Union, Russia and China need to compensate Iran for the withdrawal of the US from the nuclear accord, Tehran’s ambassador to the EU said.

“In all fairness and as a matter of principle, the US absence from the agreement should be compensated by the remaining JCPOA participants, wishing, for all the good reasons, to see the agreement remains viable and working,” Peyman Sadat told Euronews.

His comments came after the European Parliament discussed the decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw unilaterally from the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which lifted sanctions on Iran in return for an end to its nuclear program.

The US reimposed the entirety of sanctions this month and also vowed to punish non-US businesses which breach them. But the EU, China and Russia have said they will stand by the agreement, and Iran says it will do so too, as long as it feels the benefits of compliance.

At issue has been how this can be achieved. The EU has announced the creation of a so-called Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) aimed at allowing Iranian oil to be exchanged for European goods. But the plan has yet to be put into action and Sadat urged Iran’s allies to act faster and more firmly to ensure economic support that matches his country’s commitment to halt its nuclear development.


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