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Published: 1051 GMT November 20, 2018

UNESCO introduces Shazdeh Garden in 35 languages

UNESCO introduces Shazdeh Garden in 35 languages

Cultural Heritage Desk

Efforts should be made to introduce Shazdeh Garden of Mahan worldwide, said the director general of Kerman Province Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Department.

Golamreza Farrokhi told IRNA that UNESCO translated and published the information compiled from the ancient site into 35 living languages of the world.

“Shazdeh Mahan Garden was registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in the year to March 2012,” he recalled.

The official said preserving and maintaining the garden, as a world heritage site which attracts a large number of tourists to the province, has been prioritized by the department.

Farrokhi added that a dredging project is presently underway in Shazdeh Garden, pointing out that such project is implemented twice a year annually.

Shazdeh Garden is a historical Persian garden located near Mahan in the southern province of Kerman.

The tomb of Shah Noureddin Nematollah Vali, poet, sage, and founder of an order of dervishes, has twin minarets with turquoise tiles. The mausoleum was built by Ahmad Shah Kani. The rest of the building was constructed during the reigns of Qajar kings Shah Abbas I, Mohammad Shah and Nassereddin Shah.

Shah Nematollah Vali spent many years wandering through Central Asia to perfect his spiritual gifts before settling in Mahan, where he spent the last 25 years of his life. He died in 1431 CE after establishing a dervish order. The central domed burial vault at Mahan, completed in 1437, was erected by Ahmad Shah Bahmani, king of the Deccan, and one of Shah Nematollah's most devoted disciples.

Sprawling over an area of 5.5 hectares, Shazdeh Garden is rectangular in shape. It has an entrance and a gate at the lower end and a two-floor residential structure at the upper end. The distance between these two is lined by water fountains.

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