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Published: 0403 GMT November 25, 2018

Iran strongly condemns chemical terrorist attack in Syria

Iran strongly condemns chemical terrorist attack in Syria

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi strongly condemned the recent chemical attack by terrorists on residential areas in Syria's Aleppo, calling it an “ugly and inhumane” action.

“Such inhumane measures by the terrorist groups are indicative of an unsparing intellectual, political, financial and military support for the degenerating terrorist groups by certain regional and transregional countries,” he added on Sunday, IRNA wrote.

According to field sources, terrorist groups late Saturday launched scores of mortars on residential areas of Aleppo, including Al Khalediah and al-Zahra, north of Syria, which injured 100 people.

The sources said the injured were transferred to hospitals for treatment.


US claims rejected


In separate remarks on Saturday, Qassemi rejected new US claims about Tehran's acts of terror and violence abroad, adding American officials are explicitly and shamelessly promoting a new paradigm of human rights based on the volume of arms deals and under the guise of deceptive human rights slogans and cries.

He said a country like the US did not see any need to conceal its previous double standards.

"One cannot expect more from officials of a government that link the issues of human rights and the lives of humans with the volume of trade transactions and the amount of dollars from the US deals," he added.

The Iranian spokesperson emphasized that US officials were allowing some of their allied anti-human regimes to slaughter millions of children, women and innocent people in some regional countries, expose them to years of famine and disease, and bomb schools, hospitals as well as wedding ceremonies and funeral processions with the most advanced fighters.

Under such circumstances, the US cannot, and should not, whine in a false and completely discredited place for global security and human rights in other countries, Qassemi said.

He added that the US government’s support for human rights in return for the amount of dollars it received would only mock the human rights.

The Iranian spokesperson made the remarks following a post on US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert's Twitter account on Wednesday in which she claimed that "tough action" was needed to stop what she called Iran's terror and violence abroad and to improve its human rights record at home.

She also claimed the US would continue to support the voices of Iranian people and to galvanize international support for its efforts.




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