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Published: 1206 GMT November 26, 2018

Iranian researchers produce nano-based dental composite

Iranian researchers produce nano-based dental composite

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Iranian researchers produced dental composites using nanotechnology in 10 color spectra, appropriate for Iranians, said the project’s executor.

Akbar Joda’ei who conducted the ‘light cure nano-hybrid dental composite’ project told Mehr News Agency that the global use of resin composites is rapidly increasing in advanced dentistry and this type of restorative material is used to fill teeth in some countries.

Jodaei added employing resin composite has gained global popularity due to new regulations set by the governments to reduce the use of mercury and mercury-containing products for dental filling.

The researcher who has a Master’s degree in materials science and engineering listed other advantages of alternative materials as their apparent beauty, accessibility, improved physico-mechanical properties, as well as their structural and chemical similarities with teeth tissue.

The lifetime and durability for composite materials is reported as seven to eight years, he said, adding, although the figure stands at 12 for amalgam — a black or silver alloy of mercury with another metal used to fill the tooth — recent studies suggest that new composites are as durable as amalgams.

“Some famous composite brands are even better than amalgams and last for more than 12 years.”

Jodaei noted “That dental composites consist of a wide variety of components with different chemical compositions. Therefore, we decided to use nanotechnology in our new product.”

Among the new properties of the new product are its minimal dental abrasion and water absorption, high compressive strength as well as having color shades similar to teeth, he added.

He said the composite is composed of silica nanoparticles and various polymers, adding "We can produce 10 different color shades appropriate for Iranians.


“At present, the product has foreign counterparts in the Iranian market. However the domestic one is cheaper.”

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