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Published: 0857 GMT December 02, 2018

British firm develops smart watering technology for optimum irrigation

British firm develops smart watering technology for optimum irrigation

Showing the way towards optimum utilization of water in farming through Artificial Intelligence, a British firm developed a smart watering system which is being used in many agricultural farms in Gujarat – India's westernmost state – and Rajasthan – a northern state in the country.

The system works on sensors and is operated by solar panels which negate the use of electricity and curb wastage, according to

The technique is now being experimented in Karnal, in the Indian state of Haryana.

Dharnesh Joshi and Ravi Joshi, directors of Aardra Systems Ltd. said, “The system senses the moisture in the soil and replenishes adequate moisture automatically. A precise quantity of water is delivered as per soil composition and the kind of crop. As it saves a lot of water, the technology could be used in gardens, landscaping projects, farms and can be integrated into the existing irrigation systems.”

Elaborating on the technology, Ravi Joshi said that the system introduces automation and is claimed to save up to 70 percent water while reducing costs and promoting improved yields. It reduces water wastage in horticulture and agriculture and promotes a greener environment.


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