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Published: 1200 GMT December 03, 2018

Mum shares crazy list of requirements for kids' babysitter

Mum shares crazy list of requirements for kids' babysitter

A bachelor's degree, nine years experience and full-time availability – trust us, this mum's list only gets more ridiculous from here.

Being a working mum is hard and the endless cycle of looking for good childcare doesn’t make it any easier, reported.

It seems just as you find someone halfway decent – they move to Canada, join the circus or decide to retrain as an accountant.

By the time you’re on babysitter number seven within two years – you tend to know exactly what you want.

But this mum might have taken things to a whole new level.

The anonymous mum posted a ridiculous set of requirements while looking for a babysitter for her three kids, a baby, a three-year-old and a five-year-old.

Of course, first, they have to meet a ridiculous set of requirements.


This list is next level crazy



The post, initially found on Facebook, requested basic things like having a degree in childcare or nine years of experience, being native English speaking and also able to speak a second language to teach the children.

Although it’s not clear where the woman is from, the request that the babysitter be a ‘Trump fan’ is a pretty big clue.

The saintly sitter also needs to have no tattoos, a 100 percent attendance record and be willing to pay for snacks.

If that hasn’t got you rushing to hit apply – then wait until you hear the salary.

Apparently, the woman will be offering a generous $13.50 (US$10) an hour to care for her three children.

“I will be offering $10 per hour under the table cash,” the post read.

“It’s like making $15/hour normally but without paying tax.”

Let’s pretend that’s true.


"Expect to return to alive children ... that's it."


This was one of the main criticisms the post faced after it was shared on Reddit, with the caption: ‘Delusional babysitter requirements.’

“It really sweetens the deal of looking after and feeding 3 young children and 2 dogs all day every day for $2 – sorry, $3!! – per mammal, per hour, doesn’t it,” one Reddit user posted.

“Also, would be worried about someone who had the degree and/or experience but was still willing to graft for $10 an hour,” another added.

“For $10/hour I will come over to watch your TV and eat your snacks. Expect to return to alive children... that's it,” one said.


"My experience as a paediatric ICU nurse just won’t cut it"


There were also many lamenting the fact they wouldn’t be eligible for the job despite some fairly impressive resumes.

“Wow, I got ruled out for this job pretty quickly and I’m a certified teacher! Not good enough I guess,” one woman said.

“I’d love to take the job, but my experience as a paediatric ICU nurse just won’t cut it I guess,” another added.

“I mean, she's ruled out herself, too. To start with, she wants someone with nine years' experience, but she only has five,” one user said.

So do you think this mum's gone too far?





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