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Published: 0243 GMT December 04, 2018

Zarif: No UNSC resolution bans Iran’s missile tests

Zarif: No UNSC resolution bans Iran’s missile tests

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Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that United Nations Security Council has not passed any resolution that bans Iran’s missile tests.

The Iranian top diplomat was responding to recent remarks by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who had claimed that Iran’s missile tests violate the UN Security Council resolution 2231, the Foreign Ministry’s official website reported on Tuesday.

Zarif said that “Mr. Pompeo does not respect the UN resolutions and despite their international commitments, they withdrew from the agreement and are punishing the others for their commitment to the deal”.

The resolution 2231 – which represents a nuclear agreement signed between Iran and other countries, including the US, in 2015 – bans all activity relating to “nuclear-capable” weapons. Iran does not engage in any such activity, something that has been verified on many occasions by the UN nuclear watchdog.

“Under the nuclear deal, Iran is not prohibited from testing missiles, and the UNSC resolution 2231 has not banned it, rather it has urged Iran not to use the missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads,” he said.

“They'd better study UNSC resolution 2231,” he said.

On Sunday, Zarif condemned the “surrealism” forming the US’ foreign policy after Pompeo accused Tehran of violating the very UN Security Council resolution that Washington is in breach of.

‘Surrealism’ is now the US' modus operandi in its foreign affairs: While itself violates UNSCR 2231 — and even threatens to punish those who don't wish to violate it in abiding with illegal US sanctions — it now falsely accuses Iran of violating the very SAME resolution. 


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