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Published: 1242 GMT December 11, 2018

Couple reveal they will have roadkill for dinner on Christmas Day

Couple reveal they will have roadkill for dinner on Christmas Day

While most people will be chowing down on turkey and ham on Christmas Day, a couple from Devon in southwest England will be having ‘roast venison a la roadkill’ for their festive meal.

Driven by a desire to reduce waste, Jim Alexander, 41, has recovered nearly 50 dead animals – including deer, pheasant, rabbits and even badgers – from roads near his house in Torquay, Devon, in 2018 alone, reported.

But not everyone is impressed with his efforts to eat more sustainably, with his wife's family branding him a ‘serial killer.’

On December 25 Jim, who butchers the meat at home, will be celebrating with his beauty therapist wife Betina Bradshaw, 54, by tucking into a roast roadkill venison leg, saying, "I know people will think it's unusual but really it just makes sense.

"Betina's family all think I'm a complete weirdo for doing it and think that I'm a serial killer.

"But actually, I do it because I can't stand to see the waste of life, and by taking the animals home and eating them I'm at least somehow reducing that waste."

Self-professed ‘roadkill forager’ Jim, who cooks up everything from Scotch eggs to pasties from his finds, began employing his unusual hunting methods to make the creatures' deaths ‘less futile.’

And it has led to some rather unusual menus, including dishes like fox and badger.

He said, "I was quite interested to try them because I know in the past people have eaten those kind of animals.

"But they gave off a pretty terrible smell, because of all the bad things they eat and even my dog had to leave the kitchen.

"So, I had to let the meat soak in milk, which neutralizes it, and really stew it for a long time to try and get rid of the overpowering taste.”





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