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Published: 0331 GMT December 14, 2018

Qassemi: Israel’s dreams about Iran will never come true

Qassemi: Israel’s dreams about Iran will never come true

The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman described the Zionist regime of Israel as the main cause of instability in the region, noting that its dreams about Iran will never come true.

Bahram Qassemi made the remarks on Thursday in reaction to statements made by the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who had noted on Wednesday that Israel was prepared to launch attacks inside Iran if its survival was at stake, Press TV reported.

“Our red line is our survival,” Netanyahu was quoted by AFP as saying at a meeting with foreign media where he was asked what his “red line” was for attacking Iranian territory, instead of Iran’s allies in Syria and Lebanon.

In reaction to Netanyahu’s statements, Qassemi said, “Although the corrupt and aggressive Zionist regime, which is a symbol of delusions, grudges and hatred, will never dare take such a step… it amounts to threatening a big and historical country with military action, which will be certainly be followed up by legal and international forums and institutions.”

The Iranian official noted that although the Zionist regime has been the main disturber of stability and security during the past decades, “expresses a false concern about stability in the region in a ridiculous way, with no shame.”

Referring to the defeats sustained by Israel at the hands of resistance groups in the region, Qassemi warned that in case of any warmongering measures taken by Israel, Iran’s high military and defensive capabilities will make Zionists regret such “sick and melancholic” remarks.

Israel came into existence on occupied Palestinian land in 1948, but its short history has seen numerous wars and attempts to occupy sovereign states. This is while Iran has neither attacked any nation nor threatened any over the past hundreds of years.

Over the past years, the Zionist regime has been intensely lobbying with its American and European allies to dissuade them from engaging in diplomacy with Iran, especially over its nuclear program, and instead support military action against the Islamic Republic.




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