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Published: 0358 GMT December 17, 2018

Iranian publishers take active part in Beirut Int'l Book Fair

Iranian publishers take active part in Beirut Int'l Book Fair

Iranian publishers had a strong presence at the 62nd Beirut International Arab Book Fair in Lebanon.

Iran put on display dozens of books covering a wide range of topics, including, novels and autobiographies. The books, which are translated into Arabic, mainly focused on war, resistance, revolution and other cultural themes.

Sureh-Mehr, Nashr 27 ‎Be'sat, and Fatehan were among the prominent Iranian publishers which took part in the event.

This year's 12-day fair hosted 245 publishers from the region, including Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Of those, 167 Lebanese, as well as a section of Chinese and Ukrainian books were translated into Arabic.

The fair's director, Adnan Hammoud said, "Sales have been declining a bit over the past years, depending on the economic state of the country.

"This year we're hoping things will improve as we have more Arab publishers from the region.

Organized jointly by the Arab Cultural Club and the Syndicate of the Publishers Union in Lebanon, the fair's exhibitors meet the needs of all types of readers, ranging from fiction novels to political history books.

"E-books have taken a big share of physical novel sales but with the digital age, families, and mothers particularly, want their children to read physical books," she added.

"We're also finding that families want their children to learn and be strong in Arabic."

E-books are easily accessible, generally cheaper and portable, making them popular with avid readers on a budget. However, like every electronic file, piracy has become a large problem for e-book distributers and has vastly affected the sales of both e-books and physical copies, with whole websites dedicated to free e-book downloads.

"Technology has become integral in people's lives and physical books are no longer a priority," said Beirut and London-based Dar al-Saqi's sales representative Hicham Karam.

The 12-day event wrapped up on December 17.


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