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Published: 0157 GMT December 24, 2018

Emergency landing in Iran, best chance to know Iranians

Emergency landing in Iran, best chance to know Iranians

Ali Izadi

Dawnn Karen, an American fashion psychologist, who was on board of the flight that made an emergency landing in Shiraz on December 14, said the incident provided her with an opportunity to have a better understanding about the Iranian people.

The Boeing plane en route to Oslo, Norway, from Dubai, had to make an emergency landing in Shiraz international airport due to technical problems.

Given the time required for sending a relief aircraft by Norwegian officials to Shiraz, passengers were accommodated in a hotel in the southern Iranian city.

Karen told IRNA, "As an American, I did have a pleasant experience. I did not allow politics and the diplomatic relations to taint my view of Iranians."

She added, "The Iranians allowed me to have a pleasant experience contrary to what has been propagated in the media.

"So, I just want to thank them for their hospitality."

She mentioned some instances of the Iranians' hospitality and kindness, saying she was able to ask an Iranian for his personal hotspot so that she could use WiFi to talk to her family and let them know that she was safe in Iran.

"I was also able to talk to a local Iranian woman on how to wear a shawl properly," said Karen, who works as a fashion psychologist in 35 countries.

Elaborating on her fear which turned out to be an opportunity, she said, "Although it was a horrific experience, having the engine shut off and we were descending and we had to land unexpectedly in Shiraz, however Iranian people were very hospitable and very kind and I was able to learn about the psychology of the science behind what the Iranian women wore to increase my knowledge and to expand my field of study."

She noted, "As a fashion psychologist, I am all about studying the science behind why we wear and what we wear so I was able to learn about the Middle Eastern culture by way of fashion by the way of what the Iranian women wear.

"It was a very humbling and enriching experience."

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