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Published: 0354 GMT December 25, 2018

Indonesian tourist suggests Asians visit Iran

Indonesian tourist suggests Asians visit Iran

An Indonesian tourist posted a number of pictures of Iran tourist attractions and advised Asians to visit Iran during the Christmas holidays.

Amellie, who has visited six countries so far, said Christmas holidays are good opportunity to spend time in Iran and if you are lucky and see Iran's snowfall, it will create unforgettable moments for Indonesians who may have not seen snow in their lifetime.

"This is the second time (after six years) that I visited Iran (this time, with my husband) and by the end of this trip, I have nothing but good memories of Iran," she said.

"Despite the increasing influx of tourists, Iranians have not changed much. They are still curious about us and are eager to talk to foreigners. They are still as hospitable as I encountered them last time."

Her comments about traveling to Iran portray Iranians' hospitality in Tehran and other cities.

She wrote about both her trips to Iran in a post titled '24 Hours in Tehran: Through the Eyes of Locals'.

"We learned about the famous Iranian culture of ta'arof, which could be a confusing culture for many foreigners. Some examples of ta'arof are: Offering a service or an invite out of politeness (but expecting a refusal in the end) or refusing an offer given by someone out of courtesy. Ta'arof is a close resemblance of the polite Javanese culture in Indonesia. It is widely practiced by older people, though it is not popular amongst youngsters and close friends.

"Iranians are genuinely welcoming towards foreigners and they are eager to talk and interact with us."

She started her trip with the Golestan Palace, a must-visit attraction for anyone traveling in Tehran, and continued with Grand Bazaar, Azadi Tower and Iran Artists House.

IRNA, contributed to this story.


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