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Published: 0929 GMT January 06, 2019

Indian-origin startup has built over 800,000 robot workers

Indian-origin startup has built over 800,000 robot workers

Robots are going to make up a huge chunk of the workforce over the next couple of decades, taking away repetitive and menial work away from human workers, and freeing them up for other qualitative applications.

Taking a huge lead in this space is Automation Anywhere, a startup cofounded by four Indian-origin entrepreneurs. They are revolutionizing the workplace through RPA or robot process automation, reported.

Just in 2018, the Indian-origin Silicon Valley based startup has managed to raise $550 million, the largest ever funding secured by a startup with Indian-origin founders.

What is their USP? They have built software that can help automate any process in a company's workflow. What's more the software they have built is platform agnostic, and has characteristics of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) infused within, which is helping them take a big lead in the RPA industry.

Founded 15 years ago by a group of Indians in Silicon Valley, Automation Anywhere recently attracted a lot of attention by raising over $0.5 billion for the very first time, the most money raised by an Indian-origin startup last year, signaling the importance of robot process automation in the software as a service industry.

According to cofounder and chief revenue officer, Ankur Kothari, robot process automation is picking up steam because enterprises want to accelerate their digital journeys.


Automation Anywhere's robot workers


A robot worker, from Automation Anywhere, is any process that has been digitized 100 percent. On its website, the company offers a store full of robots (software services) that companies can buy and deploy through their systems.

These 800,000 robot workers created by Automation Anywhere range from bots who can analyze an image and extract data from it to scanning a document and saving it in a library, their tasks obviously get more complicated and monotonous.

Thirty percent of Automation Anywhere's robot workers are deployed across Indian companies, Kothari revealed.

What there isn't any doubt about is that these robot workers can streamline processes within a company, freeing up precious human resource for other challenging work.

In 2019, the company plans to spend all the money it has raised by hiring over 2000 employees and expand its operations around the world, getting aggressive with pushing it robot workers into the biggest companies of the world.




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