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Published: 0853 GMT January 22, 2019

Google Chrome may soon fix one of its most irritating flaws

Google Chrome may soon fix one of its most irritating flaws

Google Chrome could soon receive an update that provides a fix for one of the browser's most irritating flaws, new evidence suggested.

Google Chrome is the American tech giant's web browser that surpasses its rivals in terms of monthly users, reported.

In fact, Statista — an online statistics, market research and business intelligence portal headquartered in Germany — claims as of August last year the browser had a 67.66-percent market share on desktops.

This compares to just 10.96 percent for Mozilla Firefox, 5.13 percent for Safari and 4.24 percent for Microsoft Edge.

One of the reasons for Chrome's popularity is surely the steady stream of updates it receives from Google.

The American tech giant consistently adds features to the client and issues improvements for fans.

It appears one of the next tasks on Google's agenda is to eliminate what some developers refer to as the ‘white flash’ from the browser.

The ‘white flash’ is the name for the brief white screen that appears on the browser before a website is loaded.

While not all websites suffer from the issue, the majority of sites viewed through Chrome do.

The reason for the issue appears to be from JavaScript slowing down the rendering process for new pages, according to 9to5Google.

Moreover, Chrome typically displays sites as soon as a segment of a page has been loaded — this means while loading may seem quicker, the time it takes to load the entirety of a site may be similar to other browsers that wait until everything has been rendered.

Mozilla Firefox does wait until a page has fully loaded before presenting it to the user, meaning it does not suffer from a ‘white flash’.

Some developers have managed to minimize the issue by optimizing their content for Chrome.

However, it appears Google is determined to fix the ‘white flash’ problem for good.

A new Chromium bug hints the American tech giant is working to remedy the issue for ‘same-origin’ navigation.

This means the Mountain View — Santa Clara County, California, the US — firm appears to be working to get rid of the ‘white flash’ when users are loading different pages on the same site.

Such a move appears to be the first step in an effort to get rid of the characteristic entirely.

Additionally, the Chromium bug features a design document attached that outlined how the fix will be achieved.

Part of the file read: "Navigations in Chrome between two pages that are of the same origin should have a seamless and fast default navigation experience with no flashes of white/solid-color background between old and new content."

Moreover, the document discussed the use of a ‘page load signal’, suggesting a new tool will be implemented that alerts the browser when a page is ready to be loaded.

However, it is worth noting precise details about the feature were not discussed, hinting work to fix the issue is still in early stages.

Before new Chrome features arrive for all users, they are usually tested in Chrome Canary, an early version of the browser.

A precise release date for the ‘white flash’ fix is unknown.



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