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Published: 0936 GMT February 01, 2019

Luxembourg's parliament examines Eurostat report on risk of poverty

Luxembourg's parliament examines Eurostat report on risk of poverty

Following the Eurostat report which revealed that Luxembourg's working youth is at the second highest risk of poverty in the EU, members of parliament discussed the report in detail on Thursday.

Luxembourg came near the top of the startling report, beaten only by Romania, reported.

On Thursday, the Green MP faction requested an hour to discuss the Eurostat report, as a number of MPs believed the topic required addressing.

The Democratic Party MP, Carole Hartmann, had a critical stance, claiming that the Eurostat statistics were volatile, only questioning just over 200 young people.

She believed as a consequence that the statistics required addition nuance.

That said, MPs did not deny that some young people in Luxembourg do risk falling into poverty.

MPs were adamant that they should not absolve themselves of the responsibility to help these youths.

The main contributing factor to poverty is, of course, the significantly expensive costs of renting. Pondering how to legislatively protect young people from poverty, the Christian Social People's Party MP, Marc Spautz, provided a few potential solutions.

First of all, Spautz highlighted the need to change work contracts, ensuring that young people get CDIs (open-ended contracts) rather than being locked into CDDs (fixed-term contracts) and ending up in a vicious circle.

Spautz also suggested developing living structures for young people unable or unwilling to live at home. The Alternative Democratic Reform Party’s Fernand Kartheiser also stressed the need of ensuring qualifications remain at a high level.

The Left's Marc Baum called for MPs to not willfully ignore that inequality between people is an ever-expanding gap.

He criticized the fact that MPs were breaking down this study, as other studies already suggest the increasing inequality in society.

Minister of Labour, Employment, and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Dan Kersch, highlighted the number of projects aimed at helping young people, citing the Youth Guarantee in particular.

Implemented by the Employment Agency (ADEM), the Local Action for Youth (ALJ) and the National Youth Service (SNJ), the Youth Guarantee helps young people determine their pathway in life.

Kersch stressed that the Youth Guarantee is certainly bearing fruit in helping young people. Young people up to the age of 30 can sign up for the Youth Guarantee.



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