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Published: 0735 GMT February 03, 2019

Is weight loss a sign of cancer

Is weight loss a sign of cancer

World Cancer Day is celebrated on the 4th of February every year. It aims at spreading awareness about cancer and how one can reduce their risk of cancer and prevent the deadly disease.

Recently, a study concluded that women in India are at the highest risk of cervical cancer in the world, which makes awareness about cancer even more important and the need of the hour, wrote.

It is important to ensure that your lifestyle and practices do not invite the disease to your body. One such practice would be to not ignore the early signs and symptoms of a serious health condition. Is weight loss a sign of cancer?

If you are trying to lose weight — are on a diet, are exercising regularly to get in shape, then there may not be anything to worry. However, if you are losing weight without trying or doing something about it, there may be something you need to notice. According to the American Cancer Society, People with cancer may lose weight at least at one point. When the weight loss is without a reason, it is known as unexplained weight loss and too much of it may need to be taken seriously as it can be a symptom of cancer. Weight loss is one of the early signs of cancers like that of the lungs, pancreas, stomach, or esophagus.

It is better to get yourself tested if you see any symptoms of cancer since early diagnosis can prevent the disease, and also help in providing better treatment. It also ensures a better chance of cure without surgery, or without the chances of cancer becoming fatal.

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