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Published: 0426 GMT March 09, 2019

Spain’s ancient artefacts to be exhibited in Iran

Spain’s ancient artefacts to be exhibited in Iran

The Alicante Archaeological Museum in eastern Spain will display a collection of its historical objects and ancient artefacts at the National Museum of Tehran.

The Alicante Archaeological Museum is preparing a large exhibit with about 300 pieces of ancient objects to be displayed in the Iranian capital between September 2019 and March 2020, IRNA reported.

The director of the Spanish museum, Jose Alberto Cortés, said the arrangements for holding the exhibition have been made with the Iranian government, adding the expo is titled, “Alicante, the Treasures of the Archaeological Museum.”

He noted that an Iranian exhibition will be inaugurated at the Alicante Archaeological Museum on February 14, showcasing 195 of the most valuable and historical works and items kept at the Iranian Museum, including 20 golden pieces, two statues, and a replica of the epigraphs belonging to Iranian soldiers who lived during the period when Darius I (550 BCE-487 BCE) – the fourth Persian king of the Achaemenid Empire – was Persia’s ruler.

Cortés described the bilateral project as an adventure and an ambitious challenge within the framework of an international cultural cooperation, which will help the two museums to further expand their global activities.

Selected as Europe’s best museum in 2004, the Spanish Museum will transfer about 300 historical objects and artefacts to Tehran dating back to the period spanning from prehistoric times to the modern era (the 19th century).





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