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Published: 0357 GMT March 12, 2019

Berklee Study: 78% of women working in music experience gender bias

Berklee Study: 78% of women working in music experience gender bias

A new report from Berklee College of Music reveals that 78 percent of women working in the music industry experience gender bias while more than half of respondents felt that their gender had affected their employment.

The report offers a breakdown of the socioeconomic landscape, exploring demographics, employment and the challenges that comes with being a female in the workplace, among other topics, Variety reported.

Among the highlights: Nearly half of respondents felt they should be further along in their career and 55 percent of women of color felt they were behind in their careers.

When it comes to having children, 61 percent said that having career was a factor in decisions about having or raising children while 22 percent said career considerations influenced their decision to have fewer children or none at all.

Self-employed freelancers experienced gender bias most out of other employment types, at 68 percent of women working in music production, recording, performance, music media and journalism, 60 to 70 percent reported experiencing gender bias, but only 39 percent of those working on the business and admin side felt this way.

In general, women didn’t have a positive view of most workplace practice — particularly negative was their view of compensation, with 57 percent rating it negatively.

A few encouraging findings stood out, too: 92 percent of women who had been mentored considered it a positive experience for career growth (women with mentors were also likely to earn $40,000 more compared to those without mentors). And overall, 72 percent of women working in the music industry considered themselves extremely or somewhat satisfied with their primary job.


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