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Published: 0821 GMT March 18, 2019

NASA makes shock space launch system announcement

NASA makes shock space launch system announcement
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

NASA surprised the space world with a shock announcement about its new flagship mega-rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS).

A NASA administrator revealed the SLS could be given to private companies, wrote.  

Jim Bridenstine said at the Senate Commerce Committee: “SLS is struggling to meet its schedule. NASA has a history of not meeting launch dates. And I’m trying to change that.”

The mission called Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) had been planned to launch in 2020.

The Orion four-person spacecraft would be a first for NASA as it plans to take humans to the Moon and further.

SLS has received several delays making the launch date seem unlikely despite NASA insisting astronauts will be on board by 2022.

The rocket has been criticized after $14 billion (£10 billion) had been spent on it over the past decade, Forbes reported.

However, SpaceX built and launched the Falcon Heavy at a reduced cost.

Bridenstine added NASA is looking at other options for the mission.

He said, “Some of those options would include launching the Orion crew capsule and the European service module on a commercial rocket.

“We could use two heavy-lift rockets to put the Orion crew capsule and European service module in orbit around Earth.”

However, NASA have previously insisted the rocket which is the largest since Saturn V, is the only thing capable of going into deep space.

There have been many calls for SLS to be scrapped and the funding to be redirected into another NASA project.

Other options for the money include science and exploration mission in the Solar System as opposed to just one rocket launch.

Jonathan Goff, the president and CEO of startup Altius Space Machines, said, “I was really surprised and impressed that Administrator Bridenstine made this announcement.

“I think this is a big deal, especially if they can pull it off.”




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