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Published: 0829 GMT March 18, 2019

Expert says robots will destroy huge number of jobs

Expert says robots will destroy huge number of jobs

Robots will destroy a huge number of jobs making it difficult to find employment in just 25 years time, a technology expert warned.

The expert highlighted the unintended effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on the human race, wrote.

Charles Towers-Clark, the CEO of cloud company Pod Group, pointed out heightened unemployment will increase depression among workers.

He went on to suggest depression will be just one of the side effects humans will face after they find themselves losing jobs to robots.

Towers-Clark told workers will be left feeling ‘disenfranchised’.

He said, “Any task that can be put into a process will be automated. If a task can be automated, it can be completed by a computer or a robot.

“For example, drivers — approximately five percent of the working population — will almost certainly be replaced by autonomous vehicles.

“Soon enough, AI will not only understand finance and law better than bookkeepers and junior lawyers, but will also write better code than programmers.”

Leading experts in the technological sector have predicted the harsh reality of AI’s future.

However, others have pointed out people are still needed to work with robots and understand AI.

Towers-Clark added, “There is every possibility that AI will destroy a huge number of jobs. Within 100 years, new jobs will be created.

“However, within the next generation or two, this won’t be the case. So, within the next 25 years, a large part of society may very well end up being unable to find employment, which will leave them disenfranchised and depressed.”

Chief technology officer, David Nikki, agreed with Towers-Clark’s predictions.

He warned that despite humans having an ‘edge over AI’, it will not stop workers from losing their job to the technology.

He said, “I think more than professions being lost, the number of staff will be reduced. In the future, you might have a call center having five people working instead of 100.

“People still need to be there, but their number will significantly decrease. The AI will take care of most of the parts but will need to escalate to human operators at some point.”


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