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Published: 0648 GMT March 26, 2019

Amnesty Int’l urges West to stop arming Saudis, UAE

Amnesty Int’l urges West to stop arming Saudis, UAE

The Amnesty International in a report on Monday urged the Western countries to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE promptly.

“The Saudi & UAE-led Coalition continues to kill civilians unlawfully in Yemen. The US, UK & others continue to sell them weapons. Will you allow this to continue? Tell your country to stop arming the UAE & Saudi Arabia. Share this,” Amnesty International tweeted on Monday.

“Today is the 4th anniversary of the devastating conflict in #Yemen. After years of bloodshed in the Arab world’s poorest country, Yemenis can no longer bear the catastrophic humanitarian impact of the war. This needs to stop now,” it added, IRNA reported.

Meanwhile, the Amnesty International quoted Samah Hadid International’s Middle East Campaigns Director as saying “After four years of bloodshed in the Arab world’s poorest country, Yemenis can no longer bear the catastrophic humanitarian impact of the war.”

“The international community must step up efforts to ensure that civilians are protected, obstacles to humanitarian assistance and arbitrary restrictions on import of essential goods are lifted, and impunity for war crimes and other violations is ended,” he added.

“Enough is enough. With the number of victims in Yemen spiraling, and the dire humanitarian situation worsening daily, these devastating violations must come to an end and those responsible must be held to account,” Hadid noted.

Earlier, Center for Human Rights Development of Yemen in a report announced that the four-year war in Yemen has so far killed or injured 40,972 Yemenis.

The Yemeni body announced that the Arab-coalition attacks have killed 16,005 people among whom were 3,547 kids and 2,271 women.

This is while, 24,967 others, including 3,568 children and 2,560 women, were also injured.

According to the report, many of the infrastructures of Yemen were also damaged.

The human rights body went on to say that 15 airports, 16 ports, 216 roads, 284 power plants, 1,623 water networks and 869 governmental organizations were also destroyed.

About 5,914 cluster and phosphorus bombs were also used by Saudis against Yemenis.

Meanwhile earlier, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi in a statement issued on Monday strongly condemned aggression of coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia to Yemen and called for immediate termination of war and bloodshed in the country.

The United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2451 to support the Stockholm Agreement on deployment of a team in order to facilitate monitoring and implementing the Agreement and establishing truce in important Yemeni ports.

The resolution mainly focuses on sending essential commodities to the Yemeni people, supporting the Stockholm Agreement, assigning the Secretary-General of the United Nations to implement it and observing the ceasefire.

The fourth round of Yemen peace talks kicked off in Stockholm, Sweden on December 6 with the attendance of UN and the government representatives. It agreed to establish truce in Yemeni ports of al-Hudaydah, al-Salif and Ayn Issa.

Saudi Arabia and its regional allies attacked Yemen in March 2015 to bring back to power the deposed president of Yemen Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Since then, the invaders have committed horrible war crimes against Yemeni civilians.

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