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Published: 1126 GMT March 31, 2019

Trump's unwise moves endanger world security: Expert

Trump's unwise moves endanger world security: Expert

Policies of President Trump is unwise and is endangerinh world security, a Russian political commentator said on Sunday.

'Trump does not weigh up the repercussions of his own decisions and policies, so I believe that the world is heading toward a big war because of his policies,' Head of Russia's Eurasia Movement Alexander Dugin told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

The latest reckless move by Trump was the decision to recognize the Zionist regime's sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights in Syria that amounted to violation of UN Security Council's resolution he said.

The decision prompted many politicians' condemnations, the Russian expert said adding that the decisions made by Washington had been turned into a big problem for the international security, IRNA reported.

Trump thinks that bullying other countries and violation of international law can display the US ability, he said.

'But he is very mistaken, as such measures will only lead to Washington's further isolation,' Dugin said.

Referring to US withdrawal from Iran Deal in 2018, he said that the move was made despite warnings by the American politicians and strategists on the risks of such move against the US interests.

Following the move, other signatories to the deal criticized Washington and expressed their commitment to the deal.

The same situation would repeat in Golan case too, he said, as Washington has been isolated again following the decision on the occupied territory.

The area was occupied by the Zionist regime of Israel in 1967 war, and annexed it to other occupied territories in 1981. The United Nations was renounced as 'null and void and without international legal effect'.

The Human Rights Watch has slammed US President Donald Trump for violating international laws on the territory.

Israeli regime has established a number of settlements in the Golan Heights and has settled thousands of Israelis. The moves have been condemned by UN and other human rights groups across the world.


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