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Published: 0556 GMT April 07, 2019

How we as people and communities can help in accomplishing health for all?

How we as people and communities can help in accomplishing health for all?

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 to mark the importance of health and healthcare all around the world. Unfortunately, there are people in the world, from infants to people of very old age, who are not able to see another day because of the lack of proper healthcare facilities.

While the governments and organizations strive to make healthcare possible and achievable for all, it is important for us to understand as citizens what can and should be done, reported.

The theme for World Health Day in 2019 is ‘Health for All’, as decided by the World Health Organization.

“Health for all” refers to the availability and access of healthcare facilities, food and nutrition, to everyone around the world, without any bias. Wondering how you can contribute to making the world healthier?


Start small


The world can get healthier if we are able to prevent diseases, instead of trying to treat or cure them. The simplest way you can contribute to helping prevent diseases is by being responsible citizens of the world. Plant trees whenever you can, do not waste food and water, and you will already help provide for people who are living in a deficiency of these.




If you are one of the blessed who has a lot, make sure you share it with the less fortunate. Find ways to donate basic medicines, clothing, food, stationery and any other useful items you can, that will help you save a life, and make life better for someone.


Spread awareness


A very important part of health is awareness and education about the body, diseases, prevention and treatment. People who have not had the privilege to educate themselves often believe a lot of myths about diseases and their body, and may also fall prey to superstition. It is really important to help them understand and make them aware.


Choose the right policymakers


Health is a right that every citizen has, and every government must ensure that they take measures to build better than before policies when it comes to health. As citizens, we must choose the policymakers who make sure that healthcare facilities are made accessible to all citizens.


Share your stories


If someone you know or you yourself have a story that should reach the policymakers, the government or just people in general, and if your story will help someone, you must share it. It will not only highlight the needs of the community or region when it comes to healthcare, but it will also make people more aware, and give them the courage to tell their own tale.

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