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Published: 0335 GMT April 24, 2019

Iran defense minister: Some Western powers have turned Persian Gulf into arsenals

Iran defense minister: Some Western powers have turned Persian Gulf into arsenals

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Iran’s defense minister said some Western powers have turned the south of Persian Gulf into arsenals, stressing that regional problems can be solved through dialogue.

Brigadier General Amir Hatami made the remarks at the Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS) on Wednesday.

Iran seeks the expansion of relations with its neighbors, Hatami said.

He also referred to defeat of the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq and uprooting the terrorists from a large part of the Syrian territory, saying that reconstruction of these countries have already begun and the Iranian government and nation will support them.

The minister also touched upon the US sanctions on Iran, saying that Iran will use all means, including legal and defense ones, to respond to the US sanctions that have targeted the nation's oil industry.

"We regard it our right to utilize all legal means, including the defense instruments, to support these [the Iranian nation's] interests and confront the US economic terrorism," Hatami said.

Tehran will also enhance its "deterrence power" to respond to the economic pressure from Western countries, the minister stressed.

On Tuesday, the Iranian defense minister held a meeting with Secretary General of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense Lieutenant General Mohammad Jawad Kazim in Moscow.

Hatami said the country and its allies in the Middle East, Iraq in particular, will never allow outsiders to bring insecurity into the region again, Tasnim News Agency reported.

He praised the current level of security and stability in Iraq compared to previous years.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, as in the past, is trying to (help) this security and tranquility to be longstanding and permanent (so that) regional nations, especially the friendly and brotherly people of Iraq, will begin to reconstruct their countries in full security and without any foreign aggression or interference,” he said.

“We will not allow insecurity to be imposed on the region by foreigners and aggressors again…,” the minister stressed.

The Iraqi general expressed his gratitude to the Islamic Republic for supporting the Arab country against terrorist groups and said, thank God, the two nations managed to counter the massive attacks by the terrorists and prevent them from achieving their goals.     



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