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Published: 0256 GMT April 30, 2019

MP Habousi: Half of Iraqi power plants to shut down without Iran's gas

MP Habousi: Half of Iraqi power plants to shut down without Iran's gas

If Iraq's waiver for importing gas from Iran is not renewed, half of the country's natural gas power plants will shut down in the summer, said a member of the trade committee of the Iraqi parliament.

“If Baghdad's waiver from US sanctions on Iran is not renewed, Iraq will face a really critical situation in different fields, including that of power generation,' said Heibat al-Habousi in a press conference on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

Estimates show that Iraq consumes 15,000 megawatts of electricity, of which 7,000 megawatts are generated by Iran, he said.

Habousi noted that natural gas is the feedstock consumed by Iraqi power plants for electricity generation, adding that the country cannot use any other substitute fuel and does not have any other pipelines transferring gas from other countries.

The official called on the Iraqi government to negotiate with the US and convince Washington to renew the waiver that lets the country continue gas imports from Iran.

Earlier, some other Iraqi MPs warned about the issue.

Iraq has repeatedly announced that its economic and cultural ties with Iran are historical and unignorable and that Baghdad will refrain from being a part of US sanction regime on other nations.

Iraq's Ministry of Electricity announced a while ago that the country will continue to import natural gas from Iran, despite US sanctions.

The spokesman of Iraq's Ministry of Electricity Musab Sari al-Mudaris said the country's natural gas imports from Iran are expected to hit 35 million cubic feet in mid-June from the current 28 million cubic feet.

He added that Iran will continue to supply Iraq with 1,200 megawatts of electricity per day that will help reduce the blackout time in Iraq in summer.




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