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Published: 1116 GMT May 05, 2019

Here is how laughing out loud can be best medicine for type 2 diabetes

Here is how laughing out loud can be best medicine for type 2 diabetes

We have always heard of how laughter is the best medicine, and the saying holds true for a lot of health problems. When we are with a group of friends or family, we laugh, smile, share experiences and funny stories, which make us feel instantly better.

Laughter is not only linked to our mental health and can help treat our mental health issues like depression and anxiety, but it is also deeply rooted when it comes to our physical health, according to

Hasyasan, which is a part of the Yoga asanas for health and fitness, is scientific proof of the fact.

According to old research, laughter is also linked to type 2 diabetes, and blood sugar can actually be controlled by laughing.

A Japanese study published in the journal Diabetes Care found out that laughing after a meal could lower blood sugar levels and keep diabetes controlled. The study was based on advice from Norman Cousins, the famous man known as the “man who laughed his way to health”. Norman Cousins said that laughing is a way of internal jogging, and the researchers of this study, agree with him.

The study put diabetes patients through a test, where one day they sat through a boring, non-funny lecture after meals, while the next day, their dinner was followed by a 40-minute comedy show. When the patients sat through the boring lecture, their blood sugar levels went up, while after the funny show, while it still went up, the rate was much lower. A similar response was seen in people without diabetes.

Hence, it was concluded by the researchers that laughing may in fact, be good for people with diabetes, and also for everyone in general, as it would keep the blood sugar levels low.

However, another report published on TYCOD — Taking Control of Your Diabetes, says that there is no conclusive evidence of a link between diabetes and laughter.

The report said that the relationship between laughter and physical health is very complicated and has several layers to it, and there is no concrete conclusion yet of the fact that diabetes can be affected by laughter in any way. Healing has a lot to do with the psychology that people look at their health issues with, and laughter could be just another way of dealing with the problem better in your mind.






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