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Published: 0235 GMT May 08, 2019

Iran’s power plants capacity tops 80,000 MW

Iran’s power plants capacity tops 80,000 MW

The capacity of Iran's power plants exceeded 80,000 megawatts by launching new thermal, renewable units.

According to a report released by IRNA on Wednesday, at present, the installed capacity of the country's power plants has reached 80,509 megawatts, of which 25,883 MW pertain to combined cycle units, which have the lion’s share (31.2 percent) in the installed capacity of the country's power plants.
Currently, 29.9 percent of the country's power plants are related to gas units, and about 24,777 MW of installed capacity of Iranian power plants are related to this sector.

The steam power units also account for 19.7 percent of the capacity in this area, with a capacity of 15,829 MW.

On Tuesday, the head of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA) said that the current annual capacity of Iran’s renewable power plants stands at 700 MW.

Mohammad Sadeqzadeh added that by collecting electricity taxes, the sector’s capacity is expanded annually.

Also a deputy energy minister, Sadeqzadeh added that while using taxes, between 300 MW and 500 MW of electricity is added to the capacity of the country’s renewable power plants each year.

During the past two years, a number of solar power plants have been constructed for the first time in Iran, the SATBA head said, adding that, at present, 50 solar power plants are operating across the country.

He noted that Iran had domestically developed the technology to construct and put into operation such plants and is capable of producing related equipment and spare parts such as panels, inverters and cables.

“Efforts are underway to minimize the government’s role and involvement in the sector and help the domestic private sector to play a more significant role in the country’s renewable electricity generation in the year to March 2020.”


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