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Published: 0815 GMT May 18, 2019

Study: Consuming sugary drinks can increase mortality risk

Study: Consuming sugary drinks can increase mortality risk

A report released recently might have you changing what you drink with your dinner.

This study released by JAMA Network Open found sugary drinks, as well as fruit juice, are both tied to your risk of dying, wrote.

Specialists at the Cleveland Clinic who reviewed the study say researchers studied death records and dietary questionnaires from more than 13,000 people over age 45 for about six years. They estimated how many sugar-sweetened drinks and fruit juices were consumed.

Results show each additional 12-ounce serving of a sugary beverage was associated with an 11-percent increased risk of death. They also found each additional serving of fruit juice was associated with a 24-percent higher risk of death.

Sugary drinks have a lot of added sugar, which can raise the calorie intake and give you little nutrition benefit.

Fruit juices may have more nutrition, but in this study, it appears drinking juice instead of eating fruit may also just give you extra calories. Extra calories not burned off up the odds of obesity, which raises the risk of almost all diseases linked to early death, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

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