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Published: 0546 GMT May 21, 2019

Trump: ‘I’m not somebody that wants to go into war’

Trump: ‘I’m not somebody that wants to go into war’
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President Trump, in a wide-ranging interview with Fox News, reiterated his reluctance to go to war with Iran.

"With all of everything that’s going on, and I’m not one that believes - you know, I’m not somebody that wants to go into war, because war hurts economies, war kills people most importantly – by far most importantly," he told Fox News host Steve Hilton in an interview on Sunday.

"I will not let Iran have nuclear weapons," he added.

Iran is not after nuclear weapons and its peaceful nuclear activities are under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy that has several times confirmed their peaceful nature.

Trump, during the interview, continued opposing military intervention –something that separated him from others in the 2016 campaign – but indicated Iranian nuclear development would constitute an urgent exception.

"I don’t want to fight. But you do have situations like Iran, you can’t let them have nuclear weapons – you just can’t let that happen," he said.

While speaking with Hilton, he recounted the costs of war which he said he wanted to avoid.

This article is an excerpt from an interview by Fox News on May 20, 2019.

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