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Published: 0525 GMT May 21, 2019

US military buildup is setup work before the 'Big Break' in Iran negotiations: Don DeBar

US military buildup is setup work before the 'Big Break' in Iran negotiations: Don DeBar

American journalist and political commentator Don DeBar believes the US military buildup in the Middle East is “the setup work before the 'Big Break' in negotiations” with Iran.

When asked whether General Wesley Clark's 2007 prediction of a US invasion of Iran coming to fruition, DeBar said “No.”

“What's happening, in my opinion, is the setup work before the 'Big Break' in negotiations. I understand Iran has said 'no negotiating' - at least, that's how it's been presented here. But Trump's triumphalism appears targeted at those who want to see hostility toward Iran,” he told Press TV on Tuesday in an online interview, Presstv Reported.

“And the implication is that Trump has already won, so any agreement with Iran would be fine with them,” he stated. “Similar to North Korea.”

“I'm a Marxist. I keep coming back to the material. Trump cannot have better relations with Russia or China and War with Iran,” noted DeBar, who just returned from a week-long European tour. 

“Now, there is a real threat of war - it comes from the CIA and ‘Deep State’ and is fronted by National Security Advisor John Bolton, et al,” he said.

“But IMHO, Trump has them on a leash - or, more accurately, the rope they will hang themselves on,” he added.


Clark, the retired 4-star US Army general and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia, said in the 2007 interview that the purpose of the 9/11 attack was to take out the governments of seven countries in five years. These seven countries were Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Iran.

The interview serves as a reminder regarding the diabolical timeline of the American Empire’s hegemonic project. All of these countries have been directly or indirectly been the object of US aggression.



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